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Alex Gordon and Carlos Wall have helped more than 3,500 people accused of DUI, felony, and Reckless Driving charges in Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William County, Virginia.

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Virginia Loudoun County Court Information

Virginia Loudoun Court InformationThank you for visiting our website. The attorneys of The Gordon Law Firm have represented more than 4000 people charged with criminal and traffic offenses throughout Northern Virginia including Leesburg, Sterling, and Loudoun County. We sincerely hope that the following information about the Loudoun County court system proves helpful.

General District Court

The court that most people have contact with is the general district court. The general district court handles traffic violations including speeding tickets and misdemeanors such as Reckless Driving, Driving on a Suspended License, and DUI charges. The general district court also hears other misdemeanors such as possession of certain drugs, trespassing, and assault and battery and conducts preliminary hearings for felonies.

Most traffic and criminal misdemeanors have penalties that include fines and/or the potential for 12 months in jail or less. Felonies are crimes may be punished by more than 1 year in prison. If you have been charged with any criminal or traffic offense, you can call The Gordon Law Firm for a free consultation where we will tell you the potential consequences of the charge if you are found guilty.

18 East Market Street
Leesburg, VA 20176



  • Hon. J. Frank Buttery Jr., Presiding Judge
  • Hon. Dean S. Worcester, Presiding Judge
  • Hon. J. Gregory Ashwell, Chief Judge
  • Hon. Deborah C. Welsh

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Public Info:   703/777-0312

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Checking Case Information through your computer

Online access for Criminal and Traffic General District Court case information for is available at the following web site:

  1. Under Case Information click on “General District Courts”
  2. Select Loudoun County General District from drop down and click Begin
  3. Select Traffic, Criminal or Civil and click Continue
  4. You can then search for your case by Name or using the Case Number
  5. When you have finished using the application click the “LOGOFF” button.
  6. You can return to our Loudoun County General District Court homepage by clicking on Virginia Courts
  7. Click on General District Courts
  8. Click on Loudoun County

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After Your Hearing in Traffic Court

Unlike the State of Maryland, General District Court judges in the Commonwealth of Virginia do not have the authority to adjust or reduce points. After conviction, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) determines the amount of demerit points to be assessed according to the severity of the offense. For further information about points, please call 1-800-435-5137 or visit the DMV Web site.

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Circuit Court

The Circuit Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Virginia; this means that the Court has authority to try a full range of cases both criminal and civil. In criminal cases, the Circuit Court has jurisdiction over the trial of all felonies (offenses that may be punished by commitment to the State penitentiary) and some misdemeanors.

The Circuit Court has the authority to impanel grand juries. Regular grand juries are convened at each term of court to consider indictments prepared by the Commonwealth’s Attorney to determine whether there is probable cause that the person accused has committed the crime charged in the indictment and should stand trial.

The Circuit Court has appellate jurisdiction over all appeals from the General District Court in civil and criminal cases and from juvenile and domestic relations court in domestic and criminal cases.

P. O. Box 550
18 E. Market Street
Leesburg, VA 20178


  • Hon. Burke F. McCahill, Presiding Judge
  • Hon. Jeffrey W. Parker, Chief Judge
  • Hon. Douglas L. Fleming Jr.
  • Hon. Jeanette A. Irby
  • Hon. Stephen E. Sincavage

Judges:   703/777-0464
Fax: 703/777-0376
Fax-Judges:   703/777-0676
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

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The Gordon Law Firm has provided this information for your convenience. Please understand that as time passes that some of the above phone numbers and names may change. We will make every attempt to keep our website updated with accurate information.