Differences between Fairfax DUI charges and Fairfax Reckless Driving charges

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What is the difference between a Fairfax DUI conviction and a Fairfax Reckless Driving charge?

Both DUI and Reckless Driving are considered to be Class One Misdemeanors under Virginia law.  However, there may be significant differences between a DUI and Reckless Driving for people who must undergo background checks and must maintain security clearances.  The experienced Fairfax DUI and Reckless Driving lawyers at The Gordon Law Firm recommend that our clients to review the policies of their employer under these circumstances.

Fairfax DUI and Fairfax Reckless Driving charges are similar in that:

Both a Fairfax County DUI conviction and a Reckless Driving conviction carry a potential punishment of up to a $2500.00 fine.  (Learn more about the likelihood of a maximum fine here.)

Both DUI and Reckless Driving in Fairfax carry a maximum punishment of up to 12 months in jail. (Learn more about potential jail time here) 

The Virginia DMV assesses 6 demerit points for a Fairfax Reckless Driving or a Fairfax DUI for Virginia license holders.  Both Reckless Driving and DUI in Fairfax County remain on a Virginia driving record for 11 years.

In Virginia, both DUI and Reckless Driving convictions cannot be expunged from your record. 

A Reckless Driving Conviction and a Fairfax DUI conviction are different in the following ways:

Other factors to consider:

People who hold Commercial Driver’s Licenses can also be more significantly impacted by a Fairfax DUI conviction.  Also there may be greater immigration consequences for people with visas, green cards, and those without legal status if they are convicted of a DUI in Fairfax.  Canada often prevents travel for non-citizens convicted of a DUI in the United States.

How can the The Gordon Law Firm help you get a DUI in Fairfax County reduced to Reckless Driving?

Alex Gordon and Carlos Wall, the Fairfax DUI lawyers at The Gordon Law Firm have helped more than 3000 people accused of Reckless Driving, DWI, and DUI in Virginia.  We are available for a free consultation with you so we can discuss the facts of your case and ways we might be able to successfully defend your rights when you are charged with a DUI in Fairfax County.

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