Emergency Protective Orders in Virginia

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Virginia Emergency Protective Orders

Carlos Wall and Alex Gordon have helped hundred of clients who have been the subject of emergency protective orders issues as a result of allegations of domestic assault in Virginia.  We have more than 35 years of combined experience helping people in Virginia courts.  Contact us online or at 703-218-8416 for a free consultation and take your first step toward a second chance. The Gordon Law Firm proudly provides experienced, caring, and effective legal representation. 

When someone is charged with domestic assault in Virginia, the police officers will almost always seek the issuance of an emergency protective order. These orders last for 72 hours and the alleged victim of the domestic assault can seek to extend the duration of the emergency order while they petition the court for an additional two-year protective order.

Violating a protective order, even a 72-hour emergency protective order, can have very harsh consequences. They impose harsh penalties on the respondent even if a person does not attack or threaten the victim.  All that is is required for punishment is contact with the alleged victim in violation of the court's order.

An emergency protective order will prevent a person from:

Contacting the victim or the victim’s family.

Committing further acts of violence, force, threat, or criminal offenses that injure the victim or their property.

Returning to the residence of the victim and their family. If the alleged victim was your spouse, then you will have to find alternative living arrangements for the 72-hour period.

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