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Carlos Wall and Alex Gordon are experienced malicious wounding lawyers who have helped people in Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William, Arlington, and Alexandria get successful results in more than 6000 felony and misdemeanor cases.

Fighting charges of malicious wounding in Virginia courts requires the help of a skillful and experienced assault lawyer to guide you and your loved ones through this stressful time.  Malicious wounding charges are serious felonies and can result in jail time.  If convicted of malicious wounding in Virginia, a person can receive between five and twenty years in jail.

At The Gordon Law Firm, our malicious wounding lawyers Carlos Wall and Alex Gordon will take the time to listen to you carefully and address your questions and concerns.    After our free initial consultation, we will give you an honest assessment of what to expect.

Carlos Wall and Alex Gordon are experienced, caring, and effective and have helped many clients as they encounter the criminal justice system because of allegations of felonious malicious wounding in Virginia.  During our combined 35 years of experience we have helped more than 1,500 people charged with felonies in Virginia.

Important Advice if you or your friend are arrested for Malicious Wounding in Virginia

If you or a friend have been arrested for malicious wounding in Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington, or Alexandria, do not agree to talk to the police without having a lawyer present. No matter what they promise or how much they pretend to be your friend, making statements to a police officer without representation can only make things worse, as these statements can be used against you in court.

Do not discuss the case or the arrest for malicious wounding with your friend or family member over the jail phone.  All jail phone calls are recorded by the police.  These recording are often used in court to obtain a conviction.

The criminal defense attorneys of The Gordon Law Firm are here to protect your legal rights and fight for your best outcome.  Your consultation is free. It can take place at the jail, in our office, or over the phone.

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Virginia Malicious Wounding Charges

To prove malicious wounding charges, the government must prove that you intended to cause an injury, such as a breaking of the skin or a bruise, and that your intent was malicious.  Malice is defined as the doing of a wrongful act intentionally, or without just cause or excuse, or as a result of ill will. The difference between a malicious wounding charge and an unlawful wounding charge is the existence of malice.

Typically, the prosecutor would use pictures, medical records and testimony of witnesses, including the alleged victim, to try to prove the charge of malicious wounding beyond a reasonable doubt.  The prosecutor will also use any statements that you made to the police, or to other people, against you.   Lawyers Alex Gordon and Carlos Wall can evaluate the evidence against you and present it in the best light possible for you. The stories told by the witnesses may not be consistent. Also witness testimony may not be consistent with the physical evidence.  Carlos Wall and Alex Gordon can use these inconsistencies to effectively develop a defense for you.  There are other defenses to malicious wounding charges available as well, such as self-defense or that both people were involved in mutual combat. 

If your loved one or friend is in jail, we can also file a bond motion after the malicious wounding arrest.  There is a presumption against bond in Virginia on malicious wounding charges.  The bond motion process can take time and may be difficult, so it is important to contact an effective and experienced lawyer with our firm right away.

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