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Violations of Protective Orders

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When a protective order is issued, it is very important to follow the provisions of that order to the letter.  Violating any provision of a protective order, even an emergency protective order issued after a domestic violence arrest, is a separate crime and the consequences can be severe.  Violation of a protective order is a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2500.00.  Additionally, if the person is on bond for a domestic violence charge or other similar offense, the government may ask the court to revoke your bond and incarcerate you pending trial.

Punishments for a Protective Order Violation in Virginia

When you contact The Gordon Law Firm we will listen carefully concerning the circumstances of the events leading to the charge of violation of a protective order.  These circumstances can determine the level of punishment which may be levels by the judge if you are found guilty of violating the order.

Because protective orders can be violated many different ways, there are specific punishments for different violations.  If the violation is a first offense, then punishment is as a class 1 misdemeanor.  A second offense violation carries with it a sixty-day mandatory period of jail.  A third or subsequent offense violation is considered a class 6 felony and carries with it a mandatory six-month period of jail.

If a person violates a protective order in Virginia while armed, it is also a class 6 felony.  If a person commits an assault and battery on a person protected by a protective order which results in bodily injury to that person or stalks that person, then the violation is a class 6 felony.  If a person breaks and enters into the home of a protected party, then the violation is also a class 6 felony.  Additionally, if a person is accused of committing these crimes and the violations of the protective orders, then they are subject to being prosecuted for the other offenses as well.  Finally, if a person is found guilty of violating a protective order, the Court can re-extend the duration of that protective order for another two years. 

Defenses and Bond Motions for Violation of a Protective Order in Virginia

We will work with clients and their families to try to get a bond motion for a violation of a protection order.  Most courts will be extremely concerned if someone is alleged to have violated a protective order.  The judge will be concerned that the person will possibly commit a crime against the protected person.   It is difficult, therefore, to get a judge to grant someone a bond when there are violations of a protective order.  It is also sometimes a challenge to keep that person from going to jail on a violation.  Carlos Wall and Alex Gordon have successfully litigated these violations for countless clients. 

At The Gordon Law Firm have protected the rights of our clients and kept them from going to jail in these cases.  We act aggressively to collect information, such as social media information, text messages, phone logs, etc. to appropriately defend your interests.  As soon as someone makes these types of allegations, it is critical to get in touch with our office so we can defend you.

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