I'm so thankful that I reached out

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Posted: September 24, 2019

I was daft enough to travel 80 in a 55 in Fairfax County - my own fault and I deserved to get stopped. However, the Fairfax county process for this speed is a summons, possible misdemeanor record, points, up to a year in jail, and a large fine. I had no idea! I'm so thankful that I reached out to the Gordon law Firm (found because of strong reviews on Google not through the predatory brochures you will receive in the mail putting the fear of G-d in you!). Alex explained the whole process clearly and succinctly. He was available when I had questions and he and Carlos got my charge down to a 64 in a 55 with a fine, no points, no record, and no jail! Vanessa was also extremely responsive and answered emails within minutes. If you are irresponsible enough to speed, you deserve to be pulled over and if you need an attorney, I highly recommend The Gordon Law Firm. Thank You Alex, Carlos, and Vanessa - and said in the nicest possible way - I hope I never have to use you again!!