Very quick on his feet

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Posted: September 24, 2019

So glad I hired Carlos Wall to defend me in my DUI case!!! I didn't think I had a chance of it being dismissed when I got arrested in Nov of 2014 on the way home from a work happy hour in Chantilly. I am from Stafford, VA and had no idea which lawyer to contact -- just knew I wanted a Fairfax lawyer that specialized in DUI cases. Let me say how truly happy I am that Carlos was the one to represent me! My case was dismissed last Wednesday and I am still somewhat shell shocked. Let me tell you -- If there is anything at all to find that will help your case, Carlos is the one to find it. He looks at every single detail, doesn't give you false hope - just keeps it real. I watched him litigate another case before mine, and both my husband and I were very impressed. He is very quick on his feet, able to pick up on any inconsistencies from the Officer's 'story', and obviously does his homework and is well prepared before arriving to court. Coincidentally, that case was also dismissed. I recommend him HIGHLY!!!