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Respected all around Northern Virginia

Alex Gordon and team are absolutely phenomenal! I wouldn't think of handling a traffic ticket without their involvement. I have used their services several times and have been thrilled with the results they were able to provide every time. Unfortunately, I have tried fighting traffic tickets in the past without their assistance, so I know what an amazing improvement their expertise brings to the table. I have typically dealt with Alex, and I can see he is tremendously respected all around Northern Virginia, always finding a way to get me the best possible results, usually exceeding my expectations. Always professional, prompt, maximum results!

I'm so thankful that I reached out

I was daft enough to travel 80 in a 55 in Fairfax County - my own fault and I deserved to get stopped. However, the Fairfax county process for this speed is a summons, possible misdemeanor record, points, up to a year in jail, and a large fine. I had no idea! I'm so thankful that I reached out to the Gordon law Firm (found because of strong reviews on Google not through the predatory brochures you will receive in the mail putting the fear of G-d in you!). Alex explained the whole process clearly and succinctly. He was available when I had questions and he and Carlos got my charge down to a 64 in a 55 with a fine, no points, no record, and no jail! Vanessa was also extremely responsive and answered emails within minutes. If you are irresponsible enough to speed, you deserve to be pulled over and if you need an attorney, I highly recommend The Gordon Law Firm. Thank You Alex, Carlos, and Vanessa - and said in the nicest possible way - I hope I never have to use you again!!

Everything happened the way they said

I’d like to help everyone by posting this review. I drove with 81mph where the limit was 55mph. I was unlucky to get pulled over by police, and I got fined with a reckless driving ticket. At the beginning I didn’t knew how really bad it was, but then I asked some friends about it. When I found how bad it was I got really nervous cause. I didn’t know what to do and what kind of lawyer to get for the court. I found the Gordon Law Firm and called for help. They offered to help and they told me what I had to do. I went to a driving improvement school at (ADJ Driver Improvement Center) which was really easy.

After the court process the attorney reduced my reckless driving ticket to just a speeding ticket. Everything happened the way they said, they are very serious and experts at what they are doing. I’d recommend them to everyone!!

Made me comfortable

I employed the services of Alex for a speeding ticket issue and a subsequent court case at the Virginia Court. The way Alex explained me the process, asked me to prepare myself and made me comfortable, I think it was remarkable. His front office staff Vanessa is equally competent and helpful.

A phenomenally knowledgeable and professional firm

If you have a traffic violation that requires legal representation this is absolutely the firm you need to go with. I say that enthusiastically and without reservation. Although I don't want to go into detail on how I know they are the best, I confidently endorse and recommend them as a phenomenally knowledgeable and professional firm that will not let you down, and will do everything to get you the most favorable results possible. If I should ever need legal representation for a traffic violation I would never think of going anywhere else.

Case taken care of with regular updates

With just a couple of calls and emails, the Gordon law firm helped me clear my name on a traffic violation even though I was out of state! I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly they got my case taken care of with regular updates. Highly recommended firm for anyone who wants stellar results for their case!

Simplified the process

This is a good legal group. They simplified the process and guided me through all the requirements that would help my traffic case. Ended up with a very good outcome so definitely happy with my experience. I would definitely recommend.

Very quick on his feet

So glad I hired Carlos Wall to defend me in my DUI case!!! I didn't think I had a chance of it being dismissed when I got arrested in Nov of 2014 on the way home from a work happy hour in Chantilly. I am from Stafford, VA and had no idea which lawyer to contact -- just knew I wanted a Fairfax lawyer that specialized in DUI cases. Let me say how truly happy I am that Carlos was the one to represent me! My case was dismissed last Wednesday and I am still somewhat shell shocked. Let me tell you -- If there is anything at all to find that will help your case, Carlos is the one to find it. He looks at every single detail, doesn't give you false hope - just keeps it real. I watched him litigate another case before mine, and both my husband and I were very impressed. He is very quick on his feet, able to pick up on any inconsistencies from the Officer's 'story', and obviously does his homework and is well prepared before arriving to court. Coincidentally, that case was also dismissed. I recommend him HIGHLY!!!

Very pleased with the outcome

I contacted the Gordon Law Firm a few days after I was ticketed for going "meaningfully over 80" on I-95 near the mixing bowl and I felt better as soon as I spoke with Mr. Wall about the case. I was treated with respect and importance and was made to feel like part of a team whose mission was to reduce the impact of a VA reckless driving conviction. It is only after several months of being able to still drive in VA for most of what I need to do, that I have come to fully value the outcome that the Gordon Law Firm was able to make possible. Like another reviewer, I too am very pleased with the outcome and have learned my lesson! The Gordon Law Firm gets my highest ratings!

Answered all my questions promptly

Alex Gordon is a excellent lawyer. I was all out nervous before contacting him about my court case . Alex, Carlos, and Vanessa answered all my questions promptly and eased my nervousness. I was treated with professionalism and the representation was top notch. If you are looking for good representation this practice is the one!