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July 15, 2020
If you’ve been stopped under suspicion of DUI, the police officer may ask you to submit to a series of tests to establish whether you are intoxicated. It’s important to understand your rights regarding which of these tests are mandatory and which are voluntary. In Virginia, an important distinction… Read Full Post
June 30, 2020
Even if you haven’t been drinking, seeing a DUI checkpoint ahead can make you apprehensive and nervous. Agencies are required to announce the location of DUI checkpoints.  You should look in local newspapers and government websites for announcements. Checkpoints are often located on major roadways… Read Full Post
June 23, 2020
While breathalyzers are frequently used in DUI cases to indicate the intoxication level of the accused driver, they are not completely accurate. If you are facing a drunk driving charge, it’s important to understand when breathalyzers can provide false readings. It could be the difference between… Read Full Post
May 28, 2020
A DUI/DWI conviction can have severe consequences. In addition to having your license suspended, you may also face steep fines and possible jail time. However, you don't have to accept your DUI charge. The experienced DUI lawyers at The Gordon Law Firm have the knowledge and resources necessary to… Read Full Post
May 22, 2020
The Chief Judges of the Circuit Court for Fairfax and Prince William counties issued orders this week that facial covering will be required for all people present in each courthouse. Alex Gordon and Carlos Wall are criminal defense lawyers that have been helping people who have matters in both of… Read Full Post
April 20, 2020
The United States Supreme Court ruled on April 20, 2020, that defendants in criminal trials throughout the country must be convicted by the unanimous consent of a jury.   Most all states, including Virginia, already have this requirement. However, Oregon and Louisiana still allowed such convictions… Read Full Post
March 25, 2020
It seems that from the news and the reports from local, state, and federal government that much of Northern Virginia is closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, the local and state government announcements have not closed the Virginia court system.  Every weekday for the past two weeks,… Read Full Post
March 24, 2020
We provide you with a clear and honest estimate of how much our DUI defense services will cost when you call for a free initial consultation. Only after we have learned about your case can we calculate the fees. Having worked with numerous people charged with DUI over the years, we know that cost… Read Full Post
June 17, 2019
Technology that is designed to deter previous offenders from drinking and driving is producing alarming crash statistics. The Department of Motor Vehicles reports that the number of crashes due to Ignition Interlock devices has gone up from 407 in 2012 to 678 in 2016.  Virginia state law mandates… Read Full Post
June 14, 2019
Virginia police officers are now using a “ghost” car to try to increase DUI arrests in Chesterfield County, Virginia. The Gordon Law Firm, PC did not come up with the corny name for the car – the police did.   According to them, the new vehicle in Chesterville County is known as the “DUI Ghost.”… Read Full Post