Drunk Driving in Ireland?! Smoking in Your Own Car, Illegal?! Plus More!

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Posted: February 13, 2013
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Rural County in Ireland Pushes to Allow Drunk Driving

Councillor Danny Healy-Rae brought forth a motion in January 2013 to allow citizens of Kerry County to drive home after consumption of a couple or a few alcoholic beverages. He argues that the roads in this very rural area of Ireland cannot be taken more than 20-30mph. Combined with the sparse population, he feels there is little to no threat of fatality if someone has a couple of pints and drives home. Mr. Healy understands the need for strict punishment of DUIs in more populated areas, but out in the rural area of Kerry County people often get depressed and the pub is often their only outlet.

The mayor of Kerry, Terry O’Brien, opposes it, sticking by the logic that drinking and driving can be a fatal match. However, the motion to allow it passed by a vote of 5 to 3. While it’s not legal to have a few and get behind the wheel of a car yet, the motion is now up to Ireland’s Minister of Justice to consider.

Virginia Nixes Law Making it Illegal to Cohabitate

Recently, Virginia Senate met and approved, with no qualms,  SB969 which would  repeal all fines and criminal punishment for unmarried cohabitation. It was a long standing law in Virginia that shacking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend could lead to a $500-$2,500 fine. Of course, that law was rarely, if ever, enforced.

No Smoking in Your Own Car with Child in backseat

Another bill in question, the Virginia Senate approved SB975 which would cost drivers smoking with children younger than 15 years in a car a $100 fine plus court costs. The bill is now going to the House of Delegates, that rejected a similar bill within the year.

New Aspen Mayor Posts New Speed Limit : 14mph

Having had enough of rushing motorists blazing through side street stop signs to cut by interstate traffic, New Aspen mayor Mick Ireland deployed a unique tactic: a 14 mph speed limit. After several attempts to slow traffic, like bollards (posts in the middle of the road), additional police patrolling and more stop signs, it seemed nothing would work. Ireland took inspiration from a resident. They brought to his attention that in Europe, traffic studies show that when speeds are lowered in residential areas less accidents and fatalities happened.

Ireland quickly acted to make residential area speed limits 14mph stating that it is such an oddball number that it will stick in someone’s head. Police won’t be handing out tickets to people going a few miles over the speed limit, and Ireland is hoping that the new limit will help curb the number accidents and fatalities. He’s aiming to make it a law; as for now, it’s just a speed limit.

Here in the US, especially in Virginia, speeding, reckless driving and DUIs are not treated lightly. They can carry very hefty penalties and jail time. If you or a loved one is facing a traffic misdemeanor charge please call The Gordon Law Firm at 703-218-8416 or toll-free at 800-591-6682 for your free consultation.