Reckless Driving

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June 23, 2020
Here in Virginia, the Department of Transportation has shared recent data that has officials worried about travel in the Commonwealth during the coronavirus pandemic. Total crash numbers are down in Virginia, but there has been a large increase in unbelted and speed-related crashes and crash… Read Full Post
April 23, 2020
In the state of Virginia, reckless driving is a misdemeanor. While this may seem inconsequential, it is important to remember that a conviction for reckless driving may result in: A $2,500 fine + court fees Up to one year in jail Up to six-months license suspension Up to six points off your… Read Full Post
April 20, 2020
The United States Supreme Court ruled on April 20, 2020, that defendants in criminal trials throughout the country must be convicted by the unanimous consent of a jury.   Most all states, including Virginia, already have this requirement. However, Oregon and Louisiana still allowed such convictions… Read Full Post
March 25, 2020
It seems that from the news and the reports from local, state, and federal government that much of Northern Virginia is closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, the local and state government announcements have not closed the Virginia court system.  Every weekday for the past two weeks,… Read Full Post
October 16, 2019
Getting stopped by the police for something as minor as not using your turn signal can lead to more issues once you’re stopped. Speeding, traffic violations, and other issues can lead to a hefty fine and leave you in a pinch with your insurance companies.  Are flashing lights in your rearview… Read Full Post
June 17, 2019
Technology that is designed to deter previous offenders from drinking and driving is producing alarming crash statistics. The Department of Motor Vehicles reports that the number of crashes due to Ignition Interlock devices has gone up from 407 in 2012 to 678 in 2016.  Virginia state law mandates… Read Full Post
June 14, 2019
Virginia police officers are now using a “ghost” car to try to increase DUI arrests in Chesterfield County, Virginia. The Gordon Law Firm, PC did not come up with the corny name for the car – the police did.   According to them, the new vehicle in Chesterville County is known as the “DUI Ghost.”… Read Full Post
February 27, 2018
A high-speed chase beginning in Northampton County proceeded south-bound across the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel and into Virginia Beach on Friday. The driver of a silver Mercedes SUV in Hampton Roads led multiple police agencies on a chase from Northampton County until his vehicle crashed in the… Read Full Post
April 18, 2016
This spring, the United States Supreme Court is considering a case that may determine whether jury deliberations should remain secret, even if the jury includes members that make racist comments to encourage the conviction of a defendant. In 2007, a Mexican national named Miguel Angel Pena-… Read Full Post
January 05, 2015
Nationals baseball player Jayson Werth appeared in Fairfax County Circuit Court today in order to set a trial date for his charge of Reckless Driving.  The court scheduled the jury trial for February 3, 2015 at 10 AM.  At this time a judge has not been assigned to the case.  Typically judges in… Read Full Post