New Devices may be used to stop Texting while Driving in Virginia

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Posted: November 5, 2014
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Police may try to use device to stop texting and driving

Virginia police officers already use LIDAR and radar guns to determine how fast a driver is traveling.  Now a Virginia company is now developing technology to monitor texting and driving from a distance.

Following the radar-gun model, a Virginia company is working on a similar device that can pick up the specific radio frequencies emitted by text messages, according to The Virginian Pilot.

ComSonics, the company developing the radar gun, told the Pilot that the radar gun is “close to production.” The company claims that the radar technology is sophisticated enough to differentiate the frequency transmissions that separate phone calls and texts.

Many questions raised by the potential use of the radar gun. If a driver is using voice-to-text technology to send hands-free messages the new device could presumably pick up those radio frequencies and lead to unjustified stops.

Another obvious issue would be how the radar device would differentiate drivers and passengers using their cell phones. Could you get a ticket because a friend in the passenger seat sent a text message?

There is no timetable as to how soon these new devices could be implemented into everyday use. The company, ComSonics, believes the devices would not compromise drivers’ personal information, as the radars are not currently designed to decrypt information transmitted by drivers.

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